That´s it, you.

Whatever the job, one is basically what others let you achieve.

If sometimes we do campaigns that ask for thinking is because behind there´s a client that prefers not insulting the intelligence of those who has to look at the ad, go to the shop, ask for the product, then pay for it.

If sometimes we do funny campaigns is because there´s a client that understand that making users smile is a good way to approach those who have no intention of paying attention to the ad.

If sometimes we do elegant campaigns is because there´s a client who realizes that being vulgar is not the best way of being direct.

If we do good advertising is because there´s people that allow us to do that.

And if they allow us to do is because, prior to build an idea, we built the reasons that sustain that idea.

If we design the reasons first is for not living upon of a “liking” or the opposite.

Advertising is not a beauty contest.

We are that conviction. And we work hard to live by.

We do not create campaigns just for being loved by a client, but for someone else to want to look at the idea.

Everyone loves when you say wonders of him.

And then, we have those who are not paid to consider the wonders of the common-boring-empty-invisible ad.

We make campaigns just for those, for all the people who have a thousand better things to do but paying attention to advertising.

And who could blame them, given the way advertising approach their intelligence.

If advertising that only fits your senses is fine for you, we are not the agency you are looking for. You should already noticed.

But if you really need someone other than you to want to look your communication effort, perhaps we should talk.